Friday, February 21, 2014

Liver Disease in dogs

The topic of minerals has been a focus of mine when seeing clients.  Writing has never been my forte, but my inspiration to write is due to our 18month old Golden Retriever Tripp.  My husband and I have 3 Goldens, Jake 6yrs, Cali 3yrs and Tripp 18mo.  When we got Tripp as an 8 week old puppy, he had so many health issues that started with in the 1st week of having him.  Vomiting, intestinal parasites, UTI and kidney infections, Lyme Disease at 4 mo, and at 11 mo, we found out he was almost in liver failure.  When I found this out, it all finally made sense.

Our dogs eat all raw... Ground meat with bone of different animals (Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Beef, Duck) and then we always add veggies and and extra minerals from raw green powders.  I eat mostly raw (vegan) too which is how I got my health back, but that's another story.  When I realized Tripp's Liver wasn't functioning,  I immediately took him off the animal protein (which was hard to conceptualize) and put him on a raw plant based diet. Animal meat is extremely hard to process with a malfunctioning liver since Bile production will be extremely low.  SO the unprocessed animal meats were building up as ammonia in his system causing the UTI infections. He also wasn't and isn't able to detox well.  The foods need to be alkalizing and loaded with natural sodiums to bind and neutralize the acidity.  The food also needs to be blended into a soup consistency to optimize absorption and assimilation of nutrients.  So Tripp's diet became... Everyday: 2-3 Avocados, 2-3 zucchini, a head of broccoli, about 2/3 celery bunch, 3 carrots and 6 eggs (cook any style...Tripp likes over-easy, scrabbled, he's not picky;-)   All of this is pretty much divided into 3 meals a day (3 big green smoothies) and then supplements added to each powders (I use Health Force's Green Mush), plant based protein powder (Sun Warrior Blend Natural), Blue Green Algae, Liquid Minerals and B Vitamins, Cranberry extract and SAMe.  He'll get probiotics in-between meals (when i remember, but 1st thing in the a.m. is easiest, 30 min b/f eating). 

Tripp looked to be on his death bed in July and now he looks like a healthy vibrant 18mo old Golden Retriever Puppy full of energy.  He was so quiet and lethargic before, so now when he's being obnoxious and harassing the other two doges, we are so happy to see it;-)  His amazing health improvements are all due to the amazing raw foods in their natural some supplemental support.

So much of this really also helps us to realize the power of Raw foods.  Our other 2 dogs still eat the raw meat and veggie blends, although I have added even more veggies and green powder minerals and cut back on the meats a little.  They look amazing and we get complements on them every where we go:)  We all know that dogs love to eat grass and this is natural in nature.  If you watch the dogs carefully, they forage on the young grasses that are just staring to spiral.  These young grasses have the most minerals, nutrients and proteins.  Once the grasses grow and mature to the point where they eventually seed, most of those nutrients have need used to make the seed.  So when our dogs are eating grass, it is a good thing.  However people say their dogs are trying to make them selves sick or that the grass make them sick, well, this can be true in both cases.  They are trying to alkalize from the acidic diet that we put them on...dried processed kibbles.  And yes, maybe they are trying to make themselves sick.  But I believe they are trying to alkalize and nourish themselves with the greens.  The reason they get sick is because their body doesn't know how to process the grasses any more due to the processed diet we have put them on for convenience.  In nature, dogs would forage on grasses, berries and other things they could find, then they eat the meats of dead animals...and they also eat the bone.  The meat is acidic and the bone is alkaline with all of it's nutrients, bone marrow, calcium etc.  Meat and bone is the complete meal.  This is the problem with humans eating meat (acidic), we are not eating the bone we better be eating a big green alkalizing salad to balance the meal;-) we get into the good stuff when it comes to our be continued:)

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